metallics interior design

Using Metallics in Traditional Interior Design

metallics interior designMetallic-inspired decor and home accessories are the number one design trend for 2013. Whether your home is decorated in a sleek, contemporary style, or features a traditional interior design, shiny furnishings and accessories add design details to make your room pop.

The use of metallic finishes such are showing up in a variety of room applications, including kitchen fixtures and furniture. Metallic fixtures appeal to homeowners who desire a warm, clean look to their home design. Combined with soft, neutral colors, these pieces accent a room without overwhelming the style. Introducing the punch of metallic finishes in luxurious fabrics draws visual interest, while drawing attention to other, more subtle design elements. Here are some design ideas to help you incorporate more bling into your Kansas City living space:

Push your design element by featuring metallic finishes on your ceiling. This is a good way to introduce reflective materials to your room without it competing with your other design choices.

  • Install ceiling tiles in a tin, copper, silver or gold finish.
  • Use metallic ceiling paint to highlight overhead architectural elements
  • Dress your walls in classic gold and cream patterned metallic wallpaper, for instant sophistication.
  • Look for window treatments featuring shots of metallic threads and embroidery.


When combined with traditional interior design elements, metallic finishes add glamour and a sense of luxury, bringing your room to life in inspiring new ways.