Tip of the Week #12: Inspiration

Have any of you seen the July issue of Architectural Digest?   The article and photos of Cher’s Indian Fantasy are amazing!  What I really love about this is that this home is such a reflection of the home owner. If you don’t see Cher reflected in this space, you are missing something.  She is exotic and over the top in her performances as well as her use of large scale accessories that enhance the rich neutral palette chosen for this daring diva. I commend her designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. He truly represented the spicy, bold, woman who lives in this space. And yet, this feels serene and romantic at the same time. Bravo!

I do love Architectural Digest as one of the best design resources for great “ahhh” photos. If ever you need great inspiration there is always something wonderful between the pages of this magazine.  Perhaps our lives are not so grand, but there is always something to modify into our own space. For example, the neutrals chosen for Cher could be a great starting point for many of you, and your accessories like hers  should reflect your personal taste. Accessories are the “jewelry” of the home.  Choose those that make you feel at home. Maybe you would prefer more color, look to your closet. What we wear reflects what we love.  As always, look to your designer for expert advise!
Happy Inspiration,