Visit Historic Homes Tour for Antique Design Inspiration

Are you interested in historic architecture and the look of antique filled interior designs? If so you can gain inspiration this weekend at the Fort Leavenworth Historic Homes Tour. The tour, which is an annual fundraiser for the Friends of the Frontier Army Museum, will feature eight of the most historic homes in Fort Leavenworth. Tour participants will be able to view the architectural features of the homes, as well as the current interior designs. Many of the homes are decorated with a nod to the past with antiques and historic heirlooms on display, so if you are looking for antique design inspiration for your home the Fort Leavenworth Historic Homes Tour is the place to be.

Need help bringing your ideas of how to infuse antiques into your interior design to life? Call The Decorative Touch, we would love to help!

Image from the Ft. Leavenworth Lamp