Yellow Wallpaper Brightens Any Room

Yellow Wallpaper Brightens Any Room

Ahh, the color yellow. Doesn’t that sound lovely for spring?

Psychologists say yellow is a color of cheer. That makes this vibrant hue  perfect for waking up in the morning, drawing attention, or helping people be alert. And it’s also a great choice for interior design, especially in a kitchen or a bedroom of someone who is not a morning person.

A great way to incorportate yellow is by putting up decorative wallpaper. Of course you don’t want something overwhelming, so we chose light and beautiful wallpaper the Decorative Touch would use in design.

For instance, this paper called Trellis (in Citrine) is a great example of how yellow on white can make the pattern more subtle and less flamboyant.

Trellis (in Citrine)

Trellis (in Citrine)

I’ve chosen a few other yellow wallpapers to give you an idea of how gorgeous they can be. You just have to let the designer choose which paper best suites the ambiance of your home. The Decorative Touch can certainly help you pick the right look: 913-888-1388

Here are the other options. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

Oriental Tree

Oriental Tree: Yellow Wallpaper


Ringwold: Yellow Wallpaper



Lavezzi: Yellow Wallpaper

Photos via House Beautiful