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What Are Homeowners Really Looking For in Home Design?

When choosing a home what features and amenities are most important to you? Each prospective buyer has a different set of wants and needs but there are obvious trends in home design that appeal to many buyers. Recently released home survey reports show that kitchen amenities, bathroom features, outdoor spaces, and energy efficient upgrades are at the top of most buyers’ lists.

outdoor living space

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Analyzing the data more closely we find:

  • 65% of respondents report that overall living space and the layout of the home is important.
  • Nine out of ten buyers were willing to pay more for a home with energy efficient amenities that would permanently decrease utility bills.
  • Buyers are seeking storage options and organization. They want linen closets in bathrooms, a walk in pantry in the kitchen, a dedicated laundry room, and garage storage.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms continue the trend of being high on buyers’ priority lists. Respondents report wanting a fully equipped kitchen with plenty of cupboard and counter space and a nicely appointed master bathroom.
  • Outdoor features ranked high on the survey results as well. Buyers are seeking homes with outdoor living spaces such as large yards, patios, and decks that provide additional living space.
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The home design experts with The Decorative Touch can help bring your design dreams to life and ensure upgrades will improve the likelihood of a future sale. Contact us to learn how partnering with an interior designer here in Lenexa, KS will lead to a home you love both inside and out.

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Get Ready for Spring with Outdoor Design

For many Kansas City homeowners, back yard spaces have become extensions of their kitchen, dining, and family rooms. We are cooking and serving meals outside more often, and entertaining more in our outdoor living spaces.  It’s not hard to figure out why – it’s just relaxing to be outdoors.  Our customer wanted her outdoor area to feel just as wonderful as the interior of their home.  This gorgeous outdoor living area is right here in Kansas City.
Decorative Touch exterior Space
We created the perfect balance of elements in a welcoming outdoor space.   Seating and dining areas, cooking and prepping areas, and perks like an outdoor fireplace with comfortable furniture selected so that the interior kitchen and outdoor area came together as one inviting outdoor gathering area.
Decorative Touch Outdoor Kitchen Design
When working on your outdoor design, you’ll need to decide whether the outdoor kitchen will include running water, refrigeration, electric or gas cooktops and appliances, or not. If so, it can be placed anywhere you desire. Otherwise, locate your outdoor kitchen as close to your indoor kitchen as possible, to make running back and forth to the sink or fridge convenient. Consider the following in your outdoor design:

  • Countertops
  • Sun and wind protection
  • Power lines and trees
  • Decking surface and support
  • Dealing with smoke
  • Gas, electrical and water supply
  • Refrigerators and other appliances
  • Lighting

What luxuries do you want in your dream kitchen? A pizza oven? A wine cooler? Don’t forget traditional indoor conveniences such as a bar, microwave, and plenty of storage in your outdoor design. Bringing your kitchen experience outside allows you to enjoy the best of both indoor convenience and outdoor living.


HB kitchen island with stools

Great Updates for A 21st Century Family Kitchen

Four of the hottest trends in Kansas City interior design focuses in on the family kitchen.

HB kitchen island with stoolsWide comfortable stools offer great seating in the modern kitchen. Stools made of hickory with a curved upholstery seat tuck neatly under any island. The stools make eating at the island easy as well as providing seating for casual conversation when someone is cooking.

HB Behind backsplash storageHave you ever thought of tucking things behind a moving backsplash? Adding a television to the kitchen offers entertainment options even when people are cooking. Placing it behind the stove covered by a moving backsplash provides an ingenious option for hiding and protecting it at the same time. This sliding backsplash is a great place to hide other things.

TH hiding appiances behind doorHiding appliances behind “garage” doors is an idea already used in many kitchens. However, automated garage doors is a new trend gaining popularity. The doors lift up to make access easy. Then a flick of the switch closes the doors and cleans up the kitchen.

TH tucked outletTucking outlets under the edge of the counter cleans up the backsplash. It is easy to access the inconspicuous plugs.The cords do not drape over work areas either.

If you need help putting these trends into your Kansas City area kitchen, contact The Decorative Touch.



Great Tips for Decorating and Decluttering Your Kitchen

Are you redecorating your kitchen inside your home? Do you want to add style to your kitchen but also keep it organized and maintain its functionality? This was the charge given to us for the kitchen shown here.

This customer wanted a taste of french country, and yet a classic kitchen.  She and I were delighted with the finished product!  She doubled the size of her kitchen and was able to enjoy the use of this wonderful new island!
When you do a room addition or renovation, you are so happy to complete the project, that clutter and “things” left sitting around will be a thing of the past!
Here are a few tips on helping you stay tidy…

Courtesy of iVillage, check out these excellent tips that are perfect for decorating and decluttering your kitchen.

  • Keep the top of your refrigerator clear of clutter, unless you’d like to feature a modest display of your favorite (and most beautiful) cookbooks. Make sure you add bookends to offset your display.
  • Set up a creative display of your glassware in your kitchen. Feature your pretty glasses on the second shelf in your cabinet, while keeping the glasses you use every day on the bottom shelf, if your cabinets have glass panes.
  • Install a rack underneath your cabinet, and use it to hang and display your beautiful wineglasses.
  • Change up the decorative items (aprons, tea towels, potholders, picture frames, knick knacks, etc) you have inside your kitchen each season. Reflecting the time of year with your decor is a great way to decorate.

Let Janine Terstriep and the staff at The Decorative Touch help you create a kitchen that meets your needs for both style and function.

The Classic Characteristics of Traditional Kitchens

Have you always favored the look and feel of traditional styles when it comes to the interiors of your home? Traditional designs are often a popular choice because of their ability to withstand the test of time, and their versatility. A traditional kitchen can be rustic, country, eclectic, old world, and even contemporary with the use of high tech appliances.

The Decorative Touch

If you are considering redesigning your kitchen to feature a traditional look consider adding these classic characteristics compiled by Apartment Therapy:

  • Recessed panel cabinets or raised panel cabinet doors
  • More texture and variation, less sleek uniformity
  • Handles and knobs (as opposed to handle-free doors in modern kitchens)
  • Use of freestanding furniture
  • Country or rustic elements, such as farmhouse sinks or weathered woods
  • Natural materials, especially hard wood and stone like marble
  • Upper cabinets and storage
  • Glass or open cabinet
  • Skirting boards
  • Crown molding
  • Neutral tones and white
  • Antique or vintage elements
  • Natural or oriental rugs

The Decorative Touch

If you are in the Lenexa, KS area and would like to discuss the interior design of your kitchen call The Decorative Touch at 913-888-1388.

Add Sparkle to Your Kitchen Design with a Chandelier

Does your kitchen seem to be missing that little something extra? If you’ve been finding the design in your kitchen to be slightly drab lately we have the perfect pick-me-up. New lighting can always transform the look of a room, so why not add sparkle to your kitchen with a chandelier? We know you’re probably thinking chandeliers are typically found in more formal rooms, but work just as well in kitchens.

No matter the design of your kitchen be it formal or casual, a chandelier can bring the slightest taste of elegance, and not to mention a unique look. If you favor over the top design go for a large, elaborate chandelier. If you prefer a more simple design you can achieve the look with two mini chandeliers.  Take a look at these well executed designs and tell us what you think.

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Would you like to add sparkle to your kitchen design with a chandelier? Let Janine help you find the perfect one by calling The Decorative Touch at 913-888-1388.

The New Kitchen Island: Oversized Dinner Tables

Aside from the every day appliances what is the one thing you will more than likely see when entering a home’s kitchen? An island. Ever since kitchen islands broke onto the scene they have been a kitchen staple. Many include various features such as storage, cooking space, and additional amenities. As interior design has evolved the kitchen island has taken on a new form and function. And depending on your lifestyle you may find them to be more functional than ever before.

The new kitchen island is something we’ve seen before, only on a larger scale. Kitchen islands are now imitating the design of oversized dinner tables. They can be seen featuring leg forms commonly found on tables with less storage space if any. The classic dinner table design is even more exemplified when seating is include on multiple sides.

Take a look at a few of the new kitchen islands we found and let us know what you think!

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