Alternatives to Sofas and Chairs

When it comes to picking out furniture for your home, sofas and chairs are probably a couple of the first things people pick out. The more you shop around, the more of the same you may begin to find. For those of us who are creative and yearn for a different comfortable environment to kick back and relax in and on, there are some alternatives to the norm.

More and more designers are taking an alternative approach to the sofa and chair combination. You may want to look into an oversized floor cushion. They are surprisingly very fun, especially when you might have a few children running wild in the house. Floor cushions are able to sit below your sight line, so you can park it in front of the television for the kids, while having a loveseat further back for you and your spouse. This way everyone has a perfect sight-line while having a family movie night. They are informal and highly comfortable, making it the perfect fit for a relaxed family. They aren’t for everyone though. I doubt when you have the grandparents over, they’ll want to plop down onto it.

Floor cushions also have the ability to draw attention to the floor covering and the present colors in the pattern and coordination. Sitting on one can be isolating, since it’s not the same height as normal furniture. This is why another great place for the cushion is in a child’s bedroom. Put it in the corner and you got yourself a little reading nook for your kid. Cushions can be pricey, but are a worthy alternative.

Another alternative is a long upholstered free-standing bench, also known as a day bed. Purchasing a couple daybeds to face each other with a narrow coffee table in between to put in a small room sets a great scene for a conversation area. If you ever have a small group of friends over, it’ll be a classy and simple area for your conversations. Sometimes these daybeds are even a good choice for a grand bathroom. They can also be a good foot-board at the end of your bed in the bedroom.

If you go with one of these setups I’m sure you’ll appreciate the unique quality that it brings out to your home. When it comes to comfortable sitting don’t be afraid to go the non-traditional route. It’ll be exciting and it could leave you very happy.