Chattanooga Home Interior Design Remodel

I’m excited to show you a few before and after photos of a home remodel project for a Kansas City couple who relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee. I was excited for the opportunity to fly into Chattanooga and take measurements for the furniture and accessory layout, as well as sit down and talk with the clients about what they want for their new home. Since their long term goal is to move back to Kansas City, they wanted the home’s interior design to be movable, meaning no drastic changes. Everything I designed will one day eventually go back to Kansas City with them, and it was important to the clients that the original charming home structure be left untouched.

I began with suggesting changing out the hardware and light fixtures from brass to oiled rub bronze throughout the home. Then we chose a new accent paint, and furniture pieces that would transform the look of the space and cause a potential future buyer to fall in love with the home. Once the truck was scheduled to arrive with all of the furniture, I drove back down to Chattanooga, with a few treasures,  to help with unloading the truck and placement of all the furniture, window treatments, decor and accessories.

Thanks to the help of the homeowners and a couple of great handymen, the delay in the truck schedule did not stop us from transforming the home in a matter of 12 hours!

Take a look and see how much of a difference the right furniture, area rugs, decorative fabrics and decor pieces can transform a home!

Before Living Room

Before Living Room


After Living Room

After Living Room


before dining room

Before Dining Room


after dining room

After Dining Room


before great room

Before Great Room


after great room

After Great Room

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