Decorating with Trays

Trays are a hugely versatile design accessory that we’ve been hearing about from a number of different shelter magazines. Not only does House Beautiful suggest using a tray and ottoman in the place of a coffee table, but the House & Home blog also did a post on using trays for attractive organization. Better Homes and Gardens recently included advice suggesting the use of a tray to contain accessories on a coffee table, and we think that advice could really apply to any table or room in the house.

In fact, we at The Decorative Touch have incorporated trays into a number of our designs. Here are a couple of examples:

Here we have a neat flower-shaped tray on an ottoman, just like House Beautiful discussed.

A tray on this round table complements the wood floors while keeping the flower pots looking orderly.

Visit our website to see more examples of trays in our interior designs.

Photos: Designs by The Decorative Touch Ltd.