Dining Room Alternative: Semi Formal Dining

Many of us lead such busy lives that we hardly have time to sit down with our families for a meal in our formal dining rooms. And with the ever present kitchen island dining has become quick and informal. Luckily, if we don’t have time for formal dining on a regular basis there are holidays and special parties. One of the reasons we enjoy formal dining rooms so much is because of the exquisite decor reserved for them. We also revel in the fact that it’s a large room where everyone can dine together. Eating in a formal dining room daily may not be practical for everyone, but what about an alternative?

If you are longing for sit down dinners that are a little more upscale than gathering around the kitchen island, consider a semi-formal dining room. A semi-formal dining room offers all the benefits of a formal dining room but toned down for daily use. Think amazing, but slightly casual furniture, smaller amounts of luxurious fabric, not so ornate china, and a more casual centerpiece. Take a look at these examples we found and let us know where you would rather eat: in a formal dining room, a semi formal dining room or where ever you happen to crash.

semi formal dining room

semi formal dining roomsemi formal dining roomImages from Apartment Therapy

semi formal dining roomsemi formal dining roomImage from the LENNOXX