How to Let Patterns Intermingle in Design

Incorporating multiple patterns into a single room can go really well or really badly, depending on the colors, size and location of the patterns. But as long as you understand the “rules,” you can let patterns easily intermingle in design for a visually pleasing result. We love Elle Décor, and the magazine offers a wonderful how-to piece on “mixing patterns stylishly.” Here are a few of their suggestions we’re right on board with:

  • You don’t have to use patten in only the accessories. Why not incorporate a patterned chair or ottoman, like we did in the space above?
  • Use patterns of different scales. One big pattern can be complemented with other subtle patterns.
  • Make sure the intensity, or brightness, of colors in the patterns is similar.

If you’re looking for a designer in Johnson County, KS who can bring many patterns into your space with a beautiful, layered effect, contact The Decorative Touch. We’d love to help!

Photo: Interior design by The Decorative Touch