HGTV 2011 Dream Home

HGTV 2011 Dream Home’s Warm Interior Design

Are you dreaming of rich, warm colors, plush blankets, and a cozy fire as we experience freezing temperatures? We are and we’ve found our warm interior design inspiration in the 15th annual HGTV 2011 Dream Home. The home is the perfect example of  a warm and elegant interior design. The Dream Home is nestled at Spruce Peak in Vermont’s Stowe Mountain Resort. It features modern architecture with a design that still manages to pay tribute to the classic rustic mountain style. The three bedroom, three and a half bath home is extremely innovative full of unique and creative living spaces. To make the home one with mountains it features over sized windows which showcase breathtaking views of Mt. Mansfield and its rolling hills, winding roads and superb ski slopes. In addition to the wonderful design of the home, its location in the village of Stowe offers an extremely active community full of cultural activities that mimic those of large cities. We can’t imagine anything more warm and charming than spending a few weeks in the 2011 Dream Home. Are you ready to see the warm interior design? Take a look…

HGTV 2011 Dream HomeHGTV 2011 Dream HomeHGTV 2011 Dream HomeHGTV 2011 Dream HomeHGTV 2011 Dream HomeHGTV 2011 Dream HomeHGTV 2011 Dream HomeHGTV 2011 Dream HomeImages from HGTV

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Inside Celebrity Bedrooms

We’ve featured the homes of celebrities on our blog before because it is always interesting to see how ornate or simple the homes are of those who make millions by entertaining us. Once again we’ve managed to sneak an eye full of a very intimate part of a celebrity’s home, or anyone’s home for that matter. That’s right, we’ve found pictures of some of the top celebrity’s bedrooms and couldn’t be more excited. As lovers of all things design our heads are spinning wondering if they used bold or placid colors that correspond to their personalities, decorated themselves or hired one of our elite counterparts. The wait is over, take a peek inside celebrity bedrooms with us!

Jonathan Adlerbedroom on jonathan adler

Donatella Versacebedroom of donatella versace

Sarah Jessica Parkerbedroom of sarah jessica parker

Brian Atwoodbedroom of brian atwood

Alexandra Wentworthbedroom of alexandra wentworth

Meg Ryanbedroom of meg ryan

Cindy Crawfordbedroom of cindy crawfordImages from ELLE Decor

Dining Room Alternative: Semi Formal Dining

Many of us lead such busy lives that we hardly have time to sit down with our families for a meal in our formal dining rooms. And with the ever present kitchen island dining has become quick and informal. Luckily, if we don’t have time for formal dining on a regular basis there are holidays and special parties. One of the reasons we enjoy formal dining rooms so much is because of the exquisite decor reserved for them. We also revel in the fact that it’s a large room where everyone can dine together. Eating in a formal dining room daily may not be practical for everyone, but what about an alternative?

If you are longing for sit down dinners that are a little more upscale than gathering around the kitchen island, consider a semi-formal dining room. A semi-formal dining room offers all the benefits of a formal dining room but toned down for daily use. Think amazing, but slightly casual furniture, smaller amounts of luxurious fabric, not so ornate china, and a more casual centerpiece. Take a look at these examples we found and let us know where you would rather eat: in a formal dining room, a semi formal dining room or where ever you happen to crash.

semi formal dining room

semi formal dining roomsemi formal dining roomImages from Apartment Therapy

semi formal dining roomsemi formal dining roomImage from the LENNOXX

Merry Christmas from The Decorative Touch

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! We’re taking some time off to relax with family and our closest friends, while enjoying a little festive holiday decor. We would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays. We will leave you with some elegant Christmas decor to keep you satisfied until we get back…enjoy!

christmas interior designchristmas interior designchristmas interior designchristmas interior designchristmas interior design

Interior Design of How Do You Know

Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson’s romantic comedy “How Do You Know” hit theaters this past  Friday. The comedy follows Witherspoon’s character Lisa who is struggling to find herself after being cut from her softball team. Things get interesting as she begins dating  Wilson’s character Matty, a major league baseball pitcher and Paul Rudd’s character George, a businessman. Throughout the movie things become just as complicated as interesting. However, the interior design is a different story.

As it is important in any interior design be it from movies or real life, the designs reflect the personalities of each character. To describe Wilson’s quirky character the set designer incorporated dashes of color and unique pieces of furniture. The apartment of Rudd’s character features neutral tones in a more traditional design. Take a look at the interiors of “How Do You Know” and let us know which character’s apartment you like the best.

The apartment of Wilson’s character Matty

interior design of How Do You Knowinterior design of How Do You Knowinterior design of How Do You Knowinterior design of How Do You Know

The apartment of Rudd’s character Georgeinterior design of How Do You Knowinterior design of How Do You Knowinterior design of how do you knowImages by David James found on casasugar

Coconut Grove

Tip of the Week #18: Norwalk Furniture 2011 Color Trends

As the year is fast approaching its closing I am sure you all are wondering whats in store for 2011, well…

Norwalk Furniture, an American made upholstery line has just sent me their newest samples of color trends for 2011 and they are wonderful!!  I had the opportunity to visit the factory last Spring and wow did I learn some things about how hard the folks who make our fine furniture really do work. And not to mention the time and attention they put into every detail!
So yes, I do recommend Norwalk and I love that they are fabricating right here in the USA.

The new Collections for the coming year are:

  1. Brittany Cottage:  The appeal of the natural weaves of grayed-down base colors that conjure memories of simpler times.  Paired with sky blues, charcoals, and deep reds, all french inspired, the Brittany Cottage Collection creates a casual approach to carefree living!
  2. City Lights:  Imagine the views from your penthouse apartment–blue gray clouds, or “vapor” as Candice Olson calls it, coordinated with rich velvets, soft wools, and highly textured foundation cloths in nutty tones.  While dove grays play a complementary role, the addition of green-cast golds adds a subtle punch to this sophisticated pallet.
  3. Coconut Grove:  You will see just a bit more upscale with this tropical, yet sophisticated twist that would make it in almost any coastal environment.  While green shades of palm abound, colorful prints and bold stripes anchor this great look.
  4. Highlands Manor:  Inspired by the warm hues of the Scottish highlands, this collection is a lively mix of traditional and timeless menswear plaids, leathers, and rich velvets.  Stripes and feathers, paisleys, and hounds tooth all reflect the heritage of quality in this look.

Another thing I love about Norwalk Furniture is the interactive on-line catalog. You might like to take a peak and see what you can create, try it out at
Enjoy!  Janine

Norwalk Furniture Highlands Manor

Highlands Manor

Norwalk FUrniture City Lights

City Lights

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove

Norwalk Furniture Brittany Cottage

Brittany Cottage

Alexander McQueen Dining Room Inspiration

Have you ever spotted an amazing article of clothing that instantly made you want to decorate you home around it? Fashion and interior design intermingle more often than one would think. San Francisco designer John Bradfield recently created a table design that was inspired by the late, great fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Bradfield specifically mimicked his tablesetting after a dress in McQueen’s 2006 Fall/Winter runway show. To bring intimacy to the table and room he used a dark color palette throughout, which also brought about a mysterious and elegant feel.

Although luxurious, with just a hint of mystery Bradfield still found a way to incorporate the nature found in the accessories of McQueen’s runway show. The centerpiece was the main element inspired by McQueen. Bradfield used 350 carnations to replicate the look of McQueen’s dress. He also included a collection of butterflies at each place setting along with hand painted nature scenes on the ghost chairs. What do you think of the Alexander McQueen inspired tablesetting?

alexander mcqueen tablesettingalexander mcqueen tablesettingalexander mcqueen tablesettingalexander mcqueen tablesettingalexander mcqueen tablesettingImages from casasugar

Interiors of Love and Other Drugs

While you took time off to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends did you have a chance to see any good movies? The romantic comedy Love and Other Drugs opened Wednesday and everyone is talking about the interior design. There is much buzz about Anne Hathaway’s character Maggie’s loft. The loft is the perfect representation of Maggie’s personality- she is a talented artist who is the ultimate free-spirit. The interior design is very raw and industrial. There seems to be mixture of a little bit of everything all tied together to create a very lived-in feel. The design is quite interesting because it perfectly conveyed the character through furniture, fabrics, accessories and an art studio. What do you think of the industrial look of Maggie’s apartment with everything in it? Love it or is it perfect for the movie because it’s not really your style?

love and other drugs interior designlove and other drugs interior designlove and other drugs interior designlove and other drugs interior designlove and other drugs interior designImages found on casasugar

Tip of the Week #17: Thanksgiving Tablescapes

To all of you can I just say THANK YOU! Yes, it is the season to give thanks, and without you my loyal customers, readers, and friends, I would be so much less.  I know you are the reason I am successful, and I am so very grateful! I do know you have a choice in your interior design specialist, and I hope I always exceed your expectations. It has always been my pleasure creating wonderful spaces with YOU!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU!

AND speaking of Thanksgiving, I have enclosed a few photos of some great tablescapes to inspire you before your guests arrive.  If you are anything like me, you are already thinking about the Christmas decor! But lets hold off just a little longer. There are still some wonderful Fall inspirations to allow you to let mother nature show off her best! If you can get your hands on some cut bittersweet vines or cranberry stems you will be able to see some beautiful bursts of color right now. Add a few candles, gorgeous glassware, and ta-da take a peek…

And again, thanks for being so loyal to me….Happy Turkey Day!



Eddie Ross thanksgiving tablescapeEddie Ross

thanksgiving tablescapeImage from HGTV

thanksgiving tablescapeImage from HGTV

thanksgiving tablescapeImage from Country Living

Elle Decor’s First Showhouse

One of our favorite go-to magazines for interior decor inspiration, Elle Decor, recently unveiled their very first interior design show house. The 5,000 square foot mansion was decorated by some of the most celebrated interior and landscape designers in the San Francisco area who were hand picked by Elle Decor’s senior staff. In addition to having beautiful designs, the showhouse is extremely technology savvy featuring sustainable insulation and heating, solar panels and a smart lighting system featuring LED lights.

Since the showhouse is the magazine’s first they wanted each design to flow, but retain its own personality. To keep the designers on the same page the magazine created a fictional, affluent client composed of a family of five who like to travel the world and entertain family and friends at home. Each room proves to fit the client, the decor is luxurious, chic, and practical. Take a look at some pictures from the Elle Decor showhouse and let us know your thoughts!

elle decor showhouseelle decor showhouseelle decor showhouseelle decor showhouseelle decor showhouseImages from casasugar