Customer Appreciation Day at Exclusive Interiors

It’s that time again to  “save the date” for April 1st. And yes, I know its April Fool’s Day, but we aren’t FOOLIN’! We will be having a Customer Appreciation Open House that Friday from 10am – 7pm.

So mark your calendar now, as Spring is fast approaching, thank the Lord no more snow! All in-stock designer samples will be 20% off, so you can spruce up your home just in time for the Easter Bunny.

Norwalk Furniture and CRLaine Furniture are supporting us with a factory authorized custom upholstery sale presenting 20% off your personal choice of special order furniture.

Refreshments will be served throughout the day and from 4pm – 7pm Happy Hour wine and cheese! Come out and fool with us on April 1st.


Blue and White Dish Decor

We’ve all visited a friend’s house or passed through the fine china section of a department store and gushed over the classic blue and white china. If you’ve been contemplating adding the timeless dinnerware to your home now is the time. The classic blue and white color combination is heavily in demand and probably not in the way you think. Instead of displaying your dishes in a china cabinet decorate your home with them.

By displaying the dishes whose colors represent the serene sky and sea throughout your home you can bring in a true feeling of warmth and comfort. You can arrange the dishes in a mosaic to be featured on the wall or as part of a vignette to be displayed on your coffee or entryway table. Not crazy about the idea of using dishes to decorate? Take the design and color of the dishes and translate them into your room instead. Check out these examples and let us know what you think!

Images from shelterpop

2011 Kips Bay Decorator Show House

Kips Bay Chooses 2011 Show House

2011 Kips Bay Decorator Show HouseHave you all heard of the Kips Bay Decorator Show House? It’s the annual fundraiser for the Kips Bay Boys and Girl’s Club in the form of an interior design show house featuring the top designers. Last year’s 38th annual show house was hosted on the Upper East Side of New York, after suffering a set back from its first location choice. The home chosen was a six story home that featured a 17 room renovation.

This year’s 2011 show house location was recently chose and released to the public. The renovation will once again take place on the Upper East Side in a mansion on 63rd Street. The mansion features a neo-Federalist style complete with four stories, 16 rooms and 10,000 square feet. The show will begin April 28, 2011 and run until May 26, 2011 with ticket prices set at $30. Be sure to check back for the list of interior designers, landscape artists, and photographers participating, as well as pictures!

Image from daily fix.

DVF Home Floral Batik

Launch of Diane von Furstenberg Home

Are you ready to wear home? We hope so because iconic women’s wear designer Diane von Furstenberg officially launched her home line. DVF Home debuted this past Monday during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The fashion designer dropped by Bloomingdale’s in New York to perform a personal walk through of each collection in her home line.

Mimicking von Furstenberg’s ready to wear clothing line, DVF Home features bold patterns paired with bright colors. The collections include Urban Jungle, Sun Stripe, Animal Garden and Floral Batik, which were all inspired by nature and contemporary art. Each collection consists of tabletop decor as well as bedding. In addition to DVF Home hitting stores, the Star Lounge VIP area at the Lincoln center was  designed with the collection. We think DVF is fresh and extremely eye-catching, take a peek for yourself…

DVF Home Animal Garden

DVF Home Animal Garden

DVF Home Mirco Flowers dinner ware

DVF Home Mirco Flowers dinner ware

DVF Home throws

DVF Home throws

DVF Home Floral Batik

DVF Home Floral Batik

Images from Bloomingdale’s

After seeing von Furstenberg’s home line, are you ready to wear home? Leave a comment and let us know!

Bathroom interior design by The Decorative Touch

Lock Lloyd Master Bathroom Addition

Today I am happy to show a photo of a newly completed renovation in a secluded subdivision in Kansas City called Lock Lloyd that I was fortunate enough to work on! This master bathroom project was so exceptional that it’s easy to see how  fabulous taste and great design come together. I honestly think this bathroom is some of my best work ever.

The addition called for a specific need to create a “slip resistant” area due to the steps leading up to the soaking tub. I drew a “carpet look” runner made out of mosaic tile so that the grout lines would create a more durable surface. The result ended up being a gorgeous, custom tile creation that is truly a focal point in the bathroom.  The bath is a true oasis of relaxation and elegance, from the spa blue wall-covering to the crystal chandelier, and all the beautiful accent tile. The homeowner is truly reflected in their choices of materials, and our design has brought together interior design perfection!

Take a look at just how beautiful the project turned out to be…

Bathroom interior design by The Decorative Touch

Interior design by The Decorative Touch.

Color Cues from Design Hotels

Are you currently thinking about changing the interior design of your home for the spring, but seem to be stuck in a winter rut? For inspiration on bringing color into the plans for your new interior design take color cues from design hotels. Aside from being a place to rest during traveling design hotels are fully loaded with inspiration. They feature the latest color combinations and furniture trends. Often people visit them solely to take in the interior design.

We found a few color palettes from design hotels on casasugar we hope will inspire you. Some of the palettes include maroon, gold and hot pink, eggplant and forest green, as well as red ocean blue and yellow. Get ready to take a color cues from design hotels…

Images from casasugar

Call The Decorative Touch when you are ready to take the next step in planning the color filled interior design of your home.

Tip of the Week #19: Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Janine Terstriep

Janine @ Decorative Touch

I have been asked a lot lately…

Why use an interior designer when there is so much “do it yourself advice” out there?  What does an interior designer really bring to the table?

Boy, if I had a dollar for all the times I have been asked that question in the last few years! It really does seem like out of all the professions, we designers seem to have to “justify” our positions and experience more than any other certified field.

And I think that is the point.  A true designer has years of experience and/or a certification in the field of interior design.  As the client, you have to do your homework and ask for referrals as well as credentials.  Hiring the right designer can save you money, quite the opposite from what most people think.

A good designer should have an interview with you about your project and your goals. Your designer should then explain how he or she works, and ask a lot of questions about your desires for the project you are about to begin.  Your first appointment after the initial meeting should be a productive one. You should feel like you are making some progress in communication and decision making on the first pieces of the puzzle that fit into your design scheme.

Your designer should help make choosing items easy by having selected things she feels would suit your needs based on previous conversations. He or she has access to an extensive reference library that you couldn’t search without having a design degree. My opinion is that you can’t afford not to use a GOOD designer on your project, but you have to find a GOOD one.

Ask your friends and family for referrals and ask your potential designer for references. If you are not comfortable, find a new one…your home is your haven, it’s as important to trust your designer as your doctor.  After all they are doing a type of surgery on your home, and spending your money as wisely as possible. You have to trust them with decisions that can be very costly, which are investments in your home and your lifestyle.  A high level of communication throughout is very important for the process to go well.  So be sure to find someone you can talk to and are comfortable being with.

If you find the right person you will know he or she will have your best interest at heart.  As a designer with 27 years experience, I know my joy comes from truly helping reach beyond my client’s goals…and even better if we achieve that within budget!!

As busy as we are in today’s world, the more need there is to hire an interior designer to help make your home your haven, there truly is a difference.  Costly mistakes of purchasing the wrong pieces, painting the wrong colors, and buying the wrong accessories will keep adding up to money used in the wrong direction.  Call your designer today, you simply can’t afford not to!

Janine Terstriep
Certified Interior Designer

Keeping Up Custom Upholstery


Interior design by The Decorative Touch

If you are in the market for a new interior design for any room in your home you may end up with custom upholstery. Using custom upholstery is beneficial because it it specially created for you and your furnishings, and it will be unique to only your home. While custom upholstery is an amazing addition to the design of your room, it’s important to remember it will need special care. If you are investing in well worth, quality upholstery you want to take any and every precaution to preserve and keep it clean. Consider these tips for Keeping up custom upholstery:

  • Choose cautiously. When working with your designer be sure to define your lifestyle so that the fabric chosen is a reflection of it.
  • Avoid the sun. Be sure you keep all your furniture that features custom upholstery away from direct sun to avoid the fabric fading.
  • Fluff and flip. Depending on how much use your cushions endure, vacuum, fluff, flip, and rotate them regularly to even out wear and fading.
  • Clean spills quickly. If an accident occurs on your upholstery clean it quickly by blotting the stain with a clean, white clot. Rubbing may damage the texture of the fabric.
  • Proper placement. Create places for  guests to sit food and drinks on side cocktail tables with coasters
  • Call the professionals. Have professionals give your custom upholstery a deep cleaning once every or two years

Want to include custom upholstery in your home? Call The Decorative Touch today to discuss your design ideas.

Tips adapted from ShelterPop

Warm Up Your Room with Cable Knit

It’s winter and cable knit sweaters rule supreme. Who could possibly resist the tightly stitched designs that make you want to curl up and get lost in them on sight? We love the warming look and feel of cable knit sweaters, not to mention the childhood memories they stir up. While looking around for inspiration we found an idea book on houzz that intertwined warm cable knits into interior designs. What a perfect idea for the winter.

You can instantly bring warmth into your room by tossing a cable knit blanket across your bed, or by slipping your pillow into its own personal sweater. We can already imagine being wrapped up in cable knit while watching TV on the bed, or being nice and cozy with a cable knit pillow in front of the fire with a book. Take a look at the designs we found and let us know if you would warm up your room with cable knit.

Images from houzz

Share Posts from The Decorative Touch!


Interior design by The Decorative Touch

We’re sure your parents always told you to share, so when you see something you like on our blog go ahead and share it! Sharing an interesting post about the interior design industry or a kitchen design that takes your breath away is easy. Wondering how can you share posts from The Decorative Post? To help you spread the amazing interior designs found in our posts we are going to provide you with the steps:

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