Kitchen of Diane Keaton

Cooking in Celebrity Kitchens

We all have a favorite celebrity, and we all wonder about the way they live outside of the public eye. We wonder how their bedroom is decorated, what direction their celebrity interior designer chose for the great room and what do their kitchens looks like. We know many celebrities have personal chefs , but are the designs of their kitchens the epitome of glamour? Are they contemporary or do they have an welcoming design? We found a few celebrity kitchens on Attic Mag and InStyle. Take a look and tell us what you think. Are they what you expected— over the top or nice and lived in?

Gianda de LaurentiisKitchenof Giada de Laurentiis

Diane KeatonKitchen of Diane Keaton

Kelsey GrammerKitchen of Kelsey Grammer

Kristen Bellkitchen of kristen bell

Ima GartenIna Garten