In Style: Wood Wall Coverings

Beadazzled Relief Marquetry™, Maya Romanoff

Beadazzled Relief Marquetry™by Maya Romanoff

It’s not your mother’s paneling. Today, coverings made of wood—from highly textured cork to intricate marquetry—are some of the most stylish wall treatments you’ll find. Many are so paper-thin that you can wrap columns and turn corners. Depending on your choice, you may want to use them sparingly; by limiting a wood covering to a feature wall, you’ll create a focal point in the process. Keep these tips in mind, too:

  • Properly illuminate wall coverings made of wood, especially marquetry. Recessed halogen spotlights will allow you to better appreciate the wood’s luster and grain.
  • Care for wood wall coverings like you would a piece of fine furniture. Dry dust with a microfiber cloth that will actually pick up the dust, as opposed to a cotton cloth that will just move it around.
  • It’s best to hire an installer who’s accustomed to working with unusual wall treatments. (Some furniture upholsterers will even install wall treatments; because they’re used to aligning patterns, they can be a good choice.) The manufacturer should also be able to provide good installation advice.

By Louise Lange

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