Janine’s Tip of the Week #4: Look at the Big Picture

decorativetouch3I just spent the weekend taking part in the Kansas City Home and Garden Show at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City.  It’s quite an event and many re-modelers, home improvement suppliers, lawn and garden suppliers bring out their newest and best displays for spring inspiration.

While at the show, the questions I was asked most was “When do I get you involved in my project?” Let me just say, it’s never too early to consult with your designer. I spoke with over a thousand folks this weekend who thought that they might not talk to a designer or decorator until they needed the furniture or paint for the project. Please let me warn you to look at the bigger picture.

If you are thinking about any remodel, building, or updating project in your home or office, you really should consult a designer first. Designers add so much to the process–we actually help you see the project as a larger picture before you start looking at the smaller pieces. What you choose for tile, carpet, paint etc., can only be made by knowing which direction to take and the overall goal of the project. Unfortunately, many people think about one small part of the project, such as “I want to retile my bath” and forget how the tile will affect the walls, window treatments, bedroom off the bath, and so much more. So, before you select the first item in your “remodel,” think BIGGER. A designer can help guide you on the whole picture. There is more than one item in any give remodel and certainly more in every new construction opportunity and every selection fits and connects with the next. It’s like a giant puzzle. Does yours connect?

Janine Terstriep