More About Me: How Did I Decide to Become a Designer?

0_0_0_0_250_373_csupload_15892677Well, it kinda just happened!  I was one of those crazy kids that when my mom would leave the house, as young as I can remember, I would start moving the furniture around, so that by the time she got home…ta da…everything was different!  Before long, she put me in charge of all the holiday decorating and whenever company was coming, I was her right hand girl at preparing the tablescapes and getting things shaped up!

I have had the “knack” my whole life and when I go to the movie theater and the rest of you actually watch the movie, I am focused on the layout of the room: the wallpaper, the light fixtures and the entire scene of the home or restaurant, not so much the actors. A sickness you say, a passion I say.

I am incredibly blessed to truly “love” what I do for a living and I get as much of a “thrill” completing a clients dream as they do. There is nothing I would rather do for work. In fact, most the time it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like I am helping someone complete something they could never do without me. It’s pretty awesome.  The ultimate reward is seeing that smile on their face and satisfaction and 5 or 10 years later having them call for the next project.  That says I am doing my job.